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Why would I?

The future is extremely hard to see through the lens of the present. It’s very easy to unconsciously dismiss the first versions of something as frivolous or useless. Or as stupid ideas.

Dustin Curtis

Let's be honest: there are plenty of stupid ideas out there. But unfortunatley we often turn negative too early in the process. Whether it's our own idea or a friend or colleague's, don't let your inspiration die before it's simply had the chance to grow.

Even when we're convinced of our idea, finding the motivation or means to actually bring it to life can be an issue. Yet we're afraid of our idea being taken if we tell others about it. That's why potenitally good ideas finally rot somewhere on a desk.

We have to drop the fear of our ideas being stolen. Instead, we have to work together. With the help of others, we can collect feedback in the early stages of our project, which helps us stay motivated. Discussions lead to inspiration and partnerships so the original idea can find the support it needs to evolve and finally become a reality.

That's why is here. We help you with that. Start now!

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Things can be better, so there is work to do. The world is not yet done.

Frank Chimero